Introducing Rykarda

  A new musical discovery is always a great thing. When you think that all the best bands and musicians come from the times when you were 18 and all the new stuff you hear around you just sucks (i.e. doesn’t meet your musical taste), sometimes you can be struck by sort of epiphany. There are lots of artists you’ll never hear on the radio and who don’t get 1 million+ likes on Facebook. They are known only to the narrow circle of believers and the only way for you to get to know them is to find them by accident. And that’s how my story was with Rykarda Parasol’s music.

As an oldtimer, I’m still fond of reading the paper edition of my favourite daily. One day, somewhere in 2010, I was reading through the upcoming concerts section and found the anouncement of Rykarda’s gig in one of the clubs in my hometown. It sounded really good: similarity to Nick Cave’s music, low voice both delicate and wild, songs telling dark stories of love, passion and death. I didn’t go to that concert then and for some time haven’t been doing much to gather more information about that possible new musical discovery. But I didn’t forget that such artist existed somewhere in the world and was probably creating greay music. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to forget someone with such unusual name (“parasol” means “umbrella” in Polish by the way) and family background. Rykarda comes from San Francisco but she’s daughter of Swedish immigrant and Polish Jew, Holocaust survivor, Ryszard Parasol. Catchy, isn’t it?

Some time had passed and I at last decided to find out more about the mysterious singer. I checked Rykarda’s official website and social media profiles (gosh, it’s so easy nowadays!). On Myspace  there were few songs streamed for free, I listened to “Hannah Leah” – and that was it. Usually when a song or other piece of music touches me really deep I know it from the first listening. And that’s exactly what happened when I first heard Rykarda’s music. What should have happened next was me going to the nearest record store and buying her records which I would later overdosed on my CD player, computer or other device.  But at that time I had no time to search the record store shelves nor to listen to the music. At last my Wife helped me and made the decission for me. She had heard few songs and the they must have impressed her enough to come home next day with Rykarda’s first album in her hand. We bought the second shortly after that and now we enjoy listening to them together. According to the artist’s information the third  is due to be released at the beginning of this year.

Why am I writing that? As I mentioned above, there’s no chance to learn about that kind of music from mainstream media. You need to hear about it from someone who’s already contagioned by it or addicted to it. I thought I could be the one to spread the good news. So, if you like dark and moody songs, Faulkner-like  stories of love, hate, anger and death based in the small american towns in the South and all this beautifully sang and played – give Rykarda a chance.

Here you can find more info:


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