Little ghost

Long-tailed tit

Cute, isn’t it? This little guy here is a long-tailed tit, the bird I’ve encountered only 2-3 times in my life. And only once I had a chance to take some reasonable pictures of them. It was almost exactly 3 years ago. The flock of about 10 pieces was feeding on a tree’s branches right above the street and sidewalk. I could understand sparrows but these ones ?! With my Wife we spent almost half an hour observing and photographing them as they were not showing any signs of anxiety and continued their meal. It is still one of my best birdwatching experiences ever.

Here are some more shots:

2 thoughts on “Little ghost

  1. Some birds are so elusive, and unsettled it’s just so hard to get reasonable shots of them. I’ve been trying for years to get real good shots of a Prothonetary warbler. I’ve gotten some okay images but I still want something much better.

    You are fortunate to have made some images that show a little behaviour. Good find.


    1. Thank You. I’ve got the same problem with Golden orioles. Every summer I wake up hearing they sing almost right outside my window, but they spend most of the time at the tree tops among the leaves, so my rare photos of them are poor…


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