Duck 2.0

Hybrid duck

See something unusual about this duck? Looks a bit like female mallard? Maybe she’s got some resemblance  but it’s not – it’s twice as big as mallard! I’ve spotted this one in one of the parks in Warsaw and was astonished. Can it be a new species I never heard about? Then I realized it must have been a hybrid of mallard and domestic duck. I knew the male mallards get sometime too horny during the mating season and they find attractive the female of any duck species, but I’d never before seen the results.


Hybrid duck2


2 thoughts on “Duck 2.0

  1. Duck on steroids LOL… I know there’s a lot of cross-breeding going on, especially amongst mallards and the others..


    1. The year before that photo was taken, in the same place I’d seen 2 or 3 white domestic ducks together with mallards. Something must have happened then… 🙂


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