Ant hunt

Most of birds you can meet in Poland are not so colourful, especially when compared to those from Africa or South America. However there are few exeptions and among those the green woodpecker is one of my favourites.

Being a rather big bird, with it’s intense green plumage sometimes it resembles a tropical parrot that has lost it’s way and has come to Poland by accident.

The flaring red crest at the top of it’s head makes this impression even bigger. I’m lucky to live in the area frequented by that amazing birds. Their population is rather small here so I don’t see them very often but their characteristic calls can be heard from time to time during the day. Unlike other woodpeckers, they spend a lot of time on the ground searching for ants that constitute the most of it’s daily meals. And that was where I spoted the one shown on the pictures one summer day. The guy was combing the lawn in it’s search for ants only few meters from the sidewalk. Furthermore the bird let me observe and photograph it for 20 or so minutes. He was really busy and didn’t care much about me and other people passing him by.

Here’s the photoreport of this encounter.


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