The Land of White Storks

White stork

Sometimes I feel that I’m really lucky to live in a country frequented by so many white storks during their breeding season. There were over 50 thousand pairs of this magnificent birds counted in 2004! It’s not surprising then, that white stork is considered one of the Poland’s symbols. In summer you can see even 20 or 30 of them looking for food within one meadow. I think it’s one of the things you need to see before you die.  There are villages where over 20 pairs build their nests every year. Many people are involved in adjusting the high poles or the rooftops in a way they could attract the birds to start building exactly there.  Storks bring luck after all!

In anticipation of spring and the first storks coming here again, I enjoy myself watching the pictures I took in 2010.

White stork huntingYoungsters almost ready to flyFlown away


10 thoughts on “The Land of White Storks

    1. @Leslie Robinson Oh yes, herons are also adorable! In Poland you can find the grey and white ones. The white heron is a rarity, seen it only once but from the short distance. Beautiful!


  1. Have never seen a stork in my life even though ornithologists say there are bald-headed storks in Uruguay (mycteria americana).

    Think I must move up north. 😉

    Nice blog.


    1. I think there are lots of magnificent birds in your country (that I’ll never see…), so there’s no need for you to move anywhere 🙂

      I’m glad you liked my blog. Thanks!


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