Industrial jungle

Industrial jungleThis photo here could be used as the example of how modern industry influences (and destroy) natural environment. But it’s not the case here.

The chimneys stretching up above the greenery belong to Siekierki heat and power plant located in Warsaw. Thanks to filters installed a few years ago, the smoke it produces causes  relatively minor pollution. Moreover, the area of 4-5 square kilometers surrounding the plant is sort of nature reserve within the city. Vast meadows, fields, numerous trees and bushes and the proximity of Vistula river attract many wild birds which make the area their home during the spring/summer season. I would highly recommend it to any birdwatcher.Industrial jungle It takes me only one hour by bike to get there so I spend 3 or 4 days every year exploring the area. And I’ve been lucky to spot there the bird species I’ve never met anywhere else, like linnet, common rosefinch or meadow pitpit. After doing a little research in my archives I’ll later post here some low quality (as usual 🙂 ) pictures taken during my excursions.

And I think the photo itself is not so bad by the way…

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