All nestlings are cute, that’s beyond any doubt. But I think this one is special. Actually, I was thinking about posting this picture for the last “Unusual” weekly challenge. I guess you all know why. Here’s eurasian coot’s nestling for your viewing pleasure. Warsaw, August 2010.

Coot's nestling


9 thoughts on “Haircut

    1. Well, I must say I’m surprised… I’d never expect any awards after 2 months of blogging. I’m really honoured. Thank You!

      The appropriete thanks, answers and nominees will be included in separate post as soon as possible.

      All The Best



  1. I agree: all nestlings ARE cute. Too bad they don’t all stay that way (I’m thinking about OUR species……….)

    Hey — I’m awarding you the Sunshine Award! Follow the link to learn the ‘conditions’ & to capture the badge for display on your blog. (Let me know if you need help with that, ok?) Congrats to you:)


    1. Wow, thanks for the award. It’s a real pleasure to know that someone appreciates what I do here. However I still think it’s nothing special… 🙂

      Again, Thank You Very Much!

      I’ll answer the questions and list my nominees in a separate post.



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