Award? For me?!

It is my great pleasure to announce that my humble blog has been nominated to The Versatile Blogger Award. It’s been a big surprise I must say as I’d never   expect my totally amateur blogging to be appreciated that way.

Hereby I’d like to thank Ann Novek, the great animals lover and protector for nominating my blog. If you really care for nature’s beauty and future of this world, please visit her blog (if you haven’t already) With The Sky As The Ceiling And The Heart Outdoors at:

Receiving this award entitle me to nominate ten other blog  that in my opinion deserve the above mentioned award. It was not easy to choose only ten from all magnificent blogs I read and follow and I’ve listed at lest twenty that I’d like to pass the award to. But the rules are strict 🙂

So, here are the nominees:

– Ann Novek for

– Rebekah for

– Spiral Dreamer for

– Leslie Robinson for

– Tracie Louise for

– Natalie for

– Britten for


– Tina for

– Lorraine for

And many more… 🙂

And that was the easier part, because now I’m obliged to list seven things about me. I’m not good at describing myself, but I’ll try:

1. Happily married

2. Cat’s owner/owned by cat

3. Birds loving

4. Misanthrophic a little 🙂

5. Nature admirer living in a city

6. Humble by nature

7. Remembering the past

All the nominees will be informed individually, apart from pingbacks, trackbacks or whatever they are called. If any of you think this award is something you just don’t need or don’t care about, you can just forget it. It’s just a sign of my appreciation for what you do.



22 thoughts on “Award? For me?!

  1. That’s well deserved! 🙂

    …and thank YOU! I’m very humbled and honoured because my little blog is so …. fluffy LOL


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