Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

That journey’s over.

Dead tree

51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. That ‘like’ was a “hi, just wanted to let you know I dropped by and admired your image’, not a “hi, just wanted to let you know I dropped by and liked your image”, because you’ve taken us on an unhappy journey today, Mothergrogan, and it makes me mad, and sad to think of the journey of ‘mankind’ as a series of felled trees and despoiled environments – a journey that could lead, ultimately, to our own annihilation. I guess that was more than you bargained for, but you asked for it, posting such a controversial, harrowing image)


    1. Most people would think of it: “A piece of wood”. I wanted to show a story of life of this particular tree that’d been standing in its place for so many years. Life, that was brutally ended in a seconds. But you’re right: this one can illustrate human attitude toward our planet, toward nature. We’re only getting, not giving. And we think we have a right to do that. But we don’t. Will we ever wake up and see? I hope, but my hope is weak.

      Thank you for the great comment.


  2. I thought nice shot, but I see some have taken it another way… I saw it as 1 tree and a full life… where others saw it as a forest and demise. I guess that is why art is so great… interpretations! Even some very different than the orginal artist intended.


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