Squirrels on a parade

SquirrelsFor all of you that liked my recently posted squirrel photo, and also for all admirers of these…. (well, I must use that word) cute animals, I’ve prepared a selection of photos of  those squirrels that were unlucky enough to stand on my way and get photographed. For reasons beyond my control, all pictured squirrels are red. Disappointed fans of grey or black ones can request retouching of selected pictures.

To enter the gallery, click the photo on the left.

Have fun.

12 thoughts on “Squirrels on a parade

  1. That’s a fabulous squirrel gallery. I’m a fan of all squirrels equally 🙂

    Interesting, how you did that animation!


  2. These are great, Pawel. Just imagine living somewhere where the cute reds have very largely been displaced by aggressive non-native greys… oh, no need to imagine, it’s a reality in most of the UK! ATB from Rolling Harbour


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