Versatile Blogger Award 2: The Green Badge Returns







So, things have gone that far….

On March the 24th I received another Versatile Blogger Award, second in my short “career”. This time it came from the brilliant  author of – may her blog be read and followed! It took me some time to express my gratitude but it doesn’t make it less sincere. Thank You (upper case)!

To follow the award procedure I hereby list seven things about myself (James Joyce’s style):

1. Universe

2. Milky Way

3. Solar System

4. Earth

5. Europe

6. Poland

7. Warsaw

And now the best part. I pass this award to  the below listed blogs. Check them yourself and see why:

P.S. More award announcements coming soon!



18 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award 2: The Green Badge Returns

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for including me in your nominations. I appreciate it very much. This will also be my second nomination.



  2. Thank you and congratulations. Awards keeps us inspired. its a great way to meet new blogger friends too. I’m honored and appreciate the generosity. Great post…


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