A day to remember

Heroes Of The Ghetto monument, Warsaw.

Sixty nine years ago, on April the 19th 1943, people who’d been already sentenced to death decided to chose the way they would die.

That day, German troops entering Warsaw ghetto in order to finally “clear” it, were welcomed by bullets and home-made grenades. Jewish military organisations started the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

It wasn’t fight to win, it wasn’t fight for freedom. It was the way to regain dignity.

The Warsaw ghetto 1947. Photo by Henry N. Cobb, from the collection of Warsaw Historical Museum.

After the fighting ceased a month later, all the buildings of the ghetto were destroyed. Those inhabitants  who survived, were sent to concentration camps.


10 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. Yes. It’s very important to remember. If you haven’t read Mila 18 by Leon Uris, it’s highly recommended.


  2. While in the Campo de Gheto Novo in Venice, as a young Jewish boy sat in the middle of the square feeding pigeons, I viewed the memorials to those of the Venice Gheto who had died, or just disappeared. It never fails to move me, to learn what we as men and women can do to our fellow men and women.


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