(Additional) Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Here’s my contribution  to the unofficial Weekly Photo Challenge (Reflections): a postcard from Poland.

Great Thanks to Ailsa  ( http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/ ) for the idea!

Lake reflections

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24 thoughts on “(Additional) Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Ooh how beautiful, mothergrogan, where in Poland was this taken? The water is like glass, and I love the texture that the lily pads add across the centre of the photo. Lovely. Thanks for joining in the challenge! xxx


  2. Nice one! How do you get onto the Weekly Photo Challenge? Recently missed a great shot of a family of Dippers on the river, must keep my camera permanently with me!


    1. Thanks! By organizing WPC WordPress guys try to stimulate and inspire WP bloggers. Every Friday on http://www.dailypost.wordpress.com they announce the theme for current week. All you need is to tag your entry with “postaday” and send a trackback to the post announcing current theme. You can also get a badge for your blog to mark that you’re a part of the project. Great way to connect with other bloggers, not necessarily photographers.


      1. Thanks for the details but your dealing with someone who everytime she tries to put a widget on her blog, ends up with a mess. I followed the instructions for the image widget, and I’ve ended up with a section of the picture I was told to enter stuck on the right side of the blog, no widget. There was no such weekly thingey widget on that page. AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH! And at the moment, there’s no support for cheapskates like me who wont pay for the blog. Any ideas of how to correct it?


          1. This didn’t work either, I either got a little bar with a red x in it, or when I used your code, it copied the widget page onto the blog. I give up, I blog daily anyway! I’ve done the wekly challenge and got a like so it must be ok,although I couldnt find an address to do a Trackback. Thanks for your help!


            1. The badge is not necessary, the title of the post and “postaday” tag will do. If you want more people to see your entry you can also place link to your photo as a comment to Dailypost announcement.


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