Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

I can find many pictures that could make you (or myself) feel blue. But I’ve chosen the more literal meaning of the word.

My picture shows beautiful orthodox church in Wojnowo, Poland.

A Church in Blue

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

    1. As far as I know this church belongs to the Polish Orthodox Church (autocephalous). But before 1945 it served the community of Lipovans that separated themselves from the Russian Church in XVIIth century.


      1. interesting… I thought that Poland was Catholic throughout (ignorant me!). And I don’t remember seeing any blue coloured orthodox churches. Anyway, it’s a very nice shot!


        1. Poland really is mostly Catholic country (some 90% of people – officially). But the Orthodox Church is the biggest religious minority (app. half a milion people). Before WWII Catholics constituted only 60% of the society (Orthodoxes – 20%, Jews – 10%). And that blue colour here is really unique…


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