Dear WordPress users! My devoted readers (viewers)! People!

I’ve recently changed my blog’s appearance and would like to know your opinion about the new look.

I’ll be grateful for every answer to the poll below.

Yours faithfully,



15 thoughts on “Poll!

  1. I like the background elements a lot. But it seems more visually distracting for some reason. The text is super easy to read. That’s nice. (shrugs) Try it out for a while.


  2. Interesting responses on the poll… If you like the monochromatic effect that it has then stick with it… It’s very modern but some might find it cold and distant. Personally, I think it shows off your photos! Black pnnicely


  3. Sorry, I got cut off somehow… I meant to say it shows off your photos nicely and I love your line… Black is the new pink! 😉


    1. Thanks Elisabeth! I really appreciate your remarks. I know the dangers of using black. However usually benath what can seem to be cold and restrained hide many beautiful things (that’s how I think of myself 😀 ).

      The answers for my question and the poll itself were planned to be a little ironic (but the question was totally serious). For example the one written in Hebrew is a quote from Song of Songs: “I’m black but lovely…”

      Again: I’m truly grateful for your comment.



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