Travel Theme: Street Market

Hello everyone!

Ailsa from wheresmybackpack has made her weekly challenge pretty hard for me this time ( ).

Street markets… I’ve found only one, single photo that could illustrate this theme. And this one, single photo is, in my opinion, not so good…*

So, I’ve decided to adjust it a little to make it more pleasant to look at. 🙂 Hope I’ve succeeded.



Pick the apple/Street market


15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Street Market

  1. Love this shot …. I am a big fan of selective colour in the right situation. I think you hit it here


  2. No, it’s a good photo I think. And how can the apple is still red when the other part of the picture is grayscale? It’s cool.
    In indonesia you can stroll for ten meters and you will find a street merchant. They’re everywhere so it’s not that hard theme here. It’s plain ordinary and everyday phenomenon even I never think to capture it.


    1. Red apple… Just Photoshop magic 🙂

      Generaly, I don’t photograph people, that’s why it was so hard for me to find a picture for that theme. But belive me, in Poland it would be easy to find the street merchants to photograph.

      All The Best and thanks for your comment!



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