Feline scholar


This is Docent. Probably the most underestimated tourist attraction of Warsaw. Docent lives in a bookstore at one of the most represantative streets of the city. Few yers ago he replaced another cat that had spent there 15 years or so. You can find him lying on the books, strolling from shelf or doing nothing in particular (for God’s sake: he’s a cat, what else could he do!).

From time to time he’s obliged to spend some time in the display window  to attract customers and increase sales (that’s a part of his contract). Here you can see Docent promoting some expensive art albums that no one ever bought. He’s bored as hell because he’s already read them all and found nothing interesting.

Docent is a friendly cat so whenever I’m around I try to visit the bookstore to pet him a little. But you have to know the rules: if you pet him a little to long, you’ll be bitten and scrached. I know what I’m talking about!

If you happen to be in Warsaw one day, please stop by abd say hello to Docent.

Docent 2

11 thoughts on “Feline scholar

  1. Docent is the “purrfect” choice to promote tourism in Warsaw. If I didn’t hate to fly and If I had two pennies to rub together, I would go there just to visit that cat. 😉 By the way, your site looks great!


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