Mandarines again

As an addition to my recently posted photo of a Mandarine Duck, here are two others that will show even better how amazing they are.

Male’s close up + 2 males in a full glory of their colours.

Mandarine close up

Mandarine male + mallards

18 thoughts on “Mandarines again

  1. Hey … I hope you appreciate how extremely fortunate you are, having access to Mandarines like that! Not a chance here… at least not where I live. Maybe in some park somewhere, I don’t know … In any event; your photos are lovely!!!


    1. As far as I know, these guys originate from Asia and were brought to Europe to be a decoration of private parks. Escaped, settled, multiplied 🙂 I’ve heard they can be found even in Finland. Maybe they’ve never come to N. America.

      Thanks for your compliment!

      Ha det bra!


  2. Those chicks almost look painted. I’ve never seen the babies before, so this is quite a treat. Thanks for the share. 🙂


  3. That’s what you think when you see them for the first time: they are painted! The females are much less colored (mostly gray/white) but equally charming.



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