Railway design

This time a little more contemporary train photo.

If you prefer oldies, check HERE.

Modern train


7 thoughts on “Railway design

  1. I actually work in railways (track layout, points and signalling design) and, whilst the new stuff is undoubtedly much safer and quite elegant, it does somewhat lack the romance of the older, bygone models.


    1. It’s always like that. The past seems to us more valuable, better, more romantic. And I’m not an ecxeption… However I like the way the modern trains are designed too.

      There’s something about trains and railway in general. My wife worked 3 years for the polish railway company and she’s still very fond of all train issues. And I share this interest with her.

      Keep on the right track! 🙂



  2. I live next to the tracks and I prefer the level of safety, sound and pollution from the new models. But, when it comes to looks; the old steam trains are the winners!


    1. I live next to the tracks too, but the distance is safe enough to make the sound of the trains only an interesting addition to the soundtrack of my daily life. In other words, it makes no difference for me what kind of a train uses these tracks 🙂

      But you’re right: the steam engines are impressive and extraordinary.



    1. I can even remember traveling in a train pulled by one in early 80s! That was really something… But I like the new trains, they make a difference when you travel by them every single day 🙂


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