Travel theme: Oceans

Ailsa’s travel theme challenge for this week ( ) just wasn’t made for me… I’ve never seen any ocean not to mention photographing one 😦

So let’s pretend the photo below shows the Atlantic  Ocean, however technically it’s the North See 🙂


(Fake) Ocean

14 thoughts on “Travel theme: Oceans

  1. I like your fake ocean. 🙂

    My country is bounded by three oceans — Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic. I have visited the Atlantic, and I live on the Pacific coast. I have yet to see the Arctic!


  2. Hurrah for the North Sea – it’s big, it’s blue and it’s salty. Totally counts! So glad you joined in, mothergrogan! xxx Ailsa


  3. Well, sea is also part of ocean you know. It’s just they are nearer to human place: the land. So it’s forgivable, mine is like this too more or less.
    Nevertheless nice view. So great, I love the composition of water, land and sky in the pics. Not so orthodox like most picture (above, middle, below). Good works.


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