Cheat sheet

The guy I met.

3 in 1

[processed, 10.06.2012]


4 thoughts on “Cheat sheet

  1. This statue looks as if it were a religious icon stationed in the niche of a cathedral. I wonder if that was the intent of the patrons – to evoke a religious impulse from the people. He has a Lutheresque ambience about him.


    1. If you fight religion, like communists, you need to give people some ideological substitute to replace it. And of course new saints to worship: M/E/L.


    1. In Poland we didn’t experienced the anti-communist revolution that would sweep away all the marks of past regime. Of course the statues were toppled, street names changed etc. But the minor relics still exist. This statue is a part of decoration of the Palace of Culture, our communist “cathedral”. Albeit the building was the symbol of Soviet domination, it remained untouched and few years ago it was decreed a historical monument. Whatever you say about it, it is spacious and useful. Common sense?


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