A way to honor the past.

Prosthesis 2

Prosthesis 3

Prosthesis 1


13 thoughts on “Prosthesis

      1. Thank you!

        I have been to 11 European countries (13 if you count England, Scotland and Wales separately; 15 if you include the Vatican and Monaco) but my list doesn’t include Poland. I’d like to add it!


  1. quite chilling. must be hard to walk past these places everyday? I got a train into Berlin and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Too many ghosts of the past.


    1. Mostly, it is just sadness that I feel. Every place in the world changes, but here in my city the whole districts and hundreds of thousands of people were gone within the period of just few years. I can’t remember how it really was, but in a way I miss the city that is now gone for 70 years.


      1. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. My grandfather was born in Poland – his grandparents lived in Warsaw and that world intrigues me. I love looking at your pictures to get a glimpse into this time and place!


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