Expenditure cuts

They keep telling it’s a special design, but we know better.

With a little help of HDR.

Holed skyscraper

[HDR, 15.06.2012]


14 thoughts on “Expenditure cuts

  1. Completely different tangent: I’m curious as to the local, national, personal response to the recent visit by U.S. presidential candidate, Mitt Romney……….any thoughts you’d like to share??


    1. Well, I was very surprised to hear MR would visit Poland. I could understand him visiting GB and Israel, but Poland? “Polish” voters in the US will vote GOP candidate anyway, as usual, so the visit doesn’t seem to me to influence them. Romney’s visit was being reported by the media, he met Lech Wałęsa and our prime minister, made a speech. But I think most of people here didn’t care much about it. I suppose 80% of Poles heard about MR for the first time. I’ve got some interest in US politics so I know much more about it than the average Pole. But even for me the purpose of this visit is still hard to understand…


      1. Maybe Poland was the only place he could get an enthusiastic endorsement?? haha Though I read that Solidarity does NOT endorse him. Maybe there’s some anonymous, very rich American donor in Warsaw……….. Thanks for your thoughts:)


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