This used to be my playground

Deserted houses at Łucka  street revisited.

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[02.10.2012] Processed


6 thoughts on “This used to be my playground

  1. What a fabulous photo. The buildings/homes must have been beautiful in their day, they are beautiful now. And the tire swing in the overgrown vegetation gives this photo a real feeling of sadness, in what must have once been a happier place. I love the song by Madonna with lyrics that fit this perfectly.


    1. Thank you Angeline! The place looks a bit like the deserted cities you can spot here and there around the world. They make you instantly think about the people that spent their lives there, had their joys, sorrows, troubles… Truly sad.
      Although I’m not a fan of Madonna, I remember the song from the past and it was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this swing.


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