Travel Theme: On Display

The old buses that once used to serve the citizens of my city, on display during the Public Transport Day event.

They are priceless, not for sale.


7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: On Display

    1. So am I ! My wife works for our local public transport authority and thanks to that I’ve had a chance to meet some real transit FREAKS! Their organization owns a dozen or so old buses and recently I’ve had the privilege to be a passenger of two of them. Great thing! If you have any resources concerning the past and present public transport in your city, I’m deeply interested.


      1. Hi MG,

        You may be interested in these photos of old Vancouver buses. My memory only goes back as far as the red ones from the 80s and 90s:

        We still have electric trolley buses, but sadly we no longer have trams. It’s such a shame that the rails were torn up, in the late 1940s I think.

        Here’s an overview of Vancouver buses through the eras:

        – Leslie


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