Those of you living in the northern hemisphere  have probably seen enough of autumn this year.

So, sorry for these…

Taken in the park today.

14 thoughts on “Irresistable

  1. I have not taken any fall pictures yet so it was nice to see yours. Here in Philadelphia they almost changed overnight .


  2. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! When I was about eighteen there was an outdoor exhibition of artists, and there was a young guy I really fancied who’d painted a picture of autumn trees exactly these colours! I couldn’t afford to buy his pic, how I wish I had! Whenever I see a lovely photo like you’ve posted I think back to that painting and that guy… who looked a bit like Steve McQueen!


    1. A painter who looked like Steve McQueen – that must have been impressive 🙂 Good to hear my pictures have brought back some good memories.

      Thanks for the compliments Lois!


  3. Although I miss the leaves getting bright and falling, I am glad to be getting a second spring. And, now I get the leaves vicariously! Talk about win-win…


  4. Fall is a beautiful season. I don’t think I will ever get tired seeing all the brilliant colors that it brings. These are wonderful.


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