Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This one could rather stand for egineering and architecture, but thanks to the large group of rectangles it definitely  has the geometric feeling. I think…




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

  1. It is beautiful. Engineering and architecture merge to create geometrical beauty. I cannot help but thinking about the belly of the whale…. but Jonah has escaped already.


  2. Pawel: what do the Polish people do on the day of the dead, November 2 ? do you have any photos?
    My Hungarian husband in California stood at attention and whistled “Taps” for his mother and father in Hungary. It was so sweet and moving. I cannot whistle, so I only think about him so far away under a cold marble slab… Such is life.


    1. In Poland the main celebrations take place the day before, on All Hallows. People, millions of people visit the cemeteries to light candles and leave some flowers on their relatives’ graves. On the day of the dead they do mostly the same. This is only my opinion, but I really don’t like it, seems there’s nothing spiritual about these visits. Even the smallest cemeteries are so crowded that it seems impossible to focus on what’s really important. What your husband did was much more honest and true. However, I must admit that on the night of November the 1st the cemeteries lighted with thousands of candles look amazing.

      I took some pictures while visiting my local cemetery that evening. They are of rather poor quality but catch the spirit (?) in some way. You can find them here: https://plus.google.com/photos/108295138926714306169/albums/5808188783493000881


      1. Those are beautiful surreal “other worldly” images. I took the liberty of downloading the album but I will keep the pictures to myself only. Make a post asking people if they can tell what event that is. But never tell them because the Anglo-Saxons will shiver and shrivel at the idea. The people of India and Latin America will appreciate them as much as I do. No offense intended : cultures vary …


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